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Firstly we wanted to provide a more direct way for you to support the conservation efforts in Fiordland by simply purchasing a trap or trapline directly through us.. we think of it as a way of 'tipping' this piece of paradise which has given a lot to us as well as anyone who ever spent time around the mountains and waterways of Fiordland. It simply needs a little looking after to be restored and turned into a biobank for the rest of New Zealand as part of the Tamatea project . Have a look at our collaboration work with the Department of Conservation to find out more.

No matter how big we dream we still need to take one step at a time on the way.. So thank you for being part of it no matter how big, small or plentiful your steps might be...

Secondly you've asked for a long time to be able to wear our uniform and put the Pure Salt label onto things which still feels a little strange for us.. So as soon as we have a shop we've decided to see what we can do.. So shortly we'll have a number of branded items for sale below.

  This shop has been established for two reasons...

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There is no schedule or set itinerary. Every charter is as different as the people on board. So getting in touch with us is where any booking starts.

If you have already been on a trip with us and know exactly what you want, give us a call, drop by for a coffee or write us an email. We’ll check if your desired dates are available.  Otherwise all you need is an idea of when and how long you’d like to be on board for. Simply get in touch and from there we can work on the details of transfers, timings and memories to create along the way.

We look forward to having you onboard with us.

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