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More dates for 2018 and 2019 scheduled Join-a-Groups around Fiordland will be available shortly. If you are thinking about coming along simply get in touch with us as we might be able to tweak our dates to fit around you.. it’s all in the making right now and we would love to have you on board the Flightless to create some special memories in a very special place.

We'd love to have you onboard

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Fiordland is ‍‍‍a true  playground  no matter your size or age..

Big trophy crayfish caught by little man in Fiordland, New Zealand

… and this ten year old grown up didn’t just hunt the waters for crayfish but was also the last one standing when it came to processing them later on that day... we were honestly hoping for a stowaway!


Flightess charter vessel in Dusky Sound, Fiordland, New Zealand
Charter boat in Fiordland New Zealand

Thank you..

beautiful people we had the pleasure to create memories with..

Mainland Hapuka in Fiordland

The article below is well worth reading if you get the least bit exited by the thought of free diving with Grouper or Hapuka.

By Clarke Gayford. Images by Clarke Gayford and Nat Davey.

It really is hard to explain to non-diving types the incredible underwater variation we have in this country. Variation I thought I had a reasonable understanding of – and then I stuck my head under in Fiordland.

This trip felt different from the start, especially flying into Queenstown, normally a party/ski town, with all my spearfishing gear. But this was just to be our entry point as we loaded up our conveniently spacious Jucy rental and made the four-hour drive to Milford Sound.
Here we met up with Rochele Potter and Nat Davey aboard Nat’s 60-foot commercial boat Medea. A boat normally found fishing in Northland, but one he had brought down during some time off to explore an area none of us had visited before.
So here we were for a week of freediving with a side of deer hunting in one of the world’s great jewels – bliss.
The first thing that strikes you about the underwater topography in the Fiords is the continuation of the steep mountain scenery down into the depths. Snow-covered mountains that slip into the water and continue for hundreds of metres further, creating an eerie sight as the steep slopes disappear off into darkness below.
This effect was complemented by things you just don’t see elsewhere in New Zealand. Like the clusters of black coral in just five metres of water that surrounded Eleanor Island in Charles Sound, their bone white branches giving the appearance of a petrified forest. Or in fact, actual forest trees that have fallen into the water, getting waterlogged and now standing upright on their exposed root systems.

The place is like a nirvana for them – they must crawl into Fiordland and think, “I have arrived!” They seemed completely relaxed with their surrounds as well. This is thanks in part to a convenient dark-tinted surface, care of the tannin filled brackish layer overhead. So relaxed, that on nearly every dive we found them wandering about in the open, as if they thought it was 2am and they were off to some crayfish party. A fantastic sight to see.
The Sounds also come with a remarkable variation in water temperatures. Up to six or seven degrees difference in places, depending on location, with the fresh water runoff making the cold stuff sit up on top. Being late May it got as low as eight-and-a-half degrees. This coupled with freediving’s necessary technique of encouraging your body to slow its heart rate to improve breath hold, impeded the flow of blood around the ol’ body. Or in simple terms, the warm stuff didn’t get to where it was needed so a hot shower at the end of each dive was essential joy.
The scenery above and below the water really made it one of those New Zealand trips of a lifetime. Impossible to do proper justice in this short space. But my personal highlight arrived courtesy of one of the last dives of the trip.
We were at anchor when Anthony’s girlfriend Celia, who was line fishing, caught a hapuka in just 32 metres of water. Considering the visibility I figured even just seeing one of these underwater would be a cool and very rare thing to do, so I raced to get into my wetsuit. On my first warm-up dive to 20 metres I was met with a huge school of terakihi rising up from the depths. Scanning down through them, in the gloomy distance I spotted two light-in-colour shapes approaching. I kept staring, thinking, “Are they? Aren’t they?” It was hard to tell, but then both swam in a bit closer and I could see instantly from the outline that these were indeed hapuka, at these depths appearing almost completely white.

It’s like nothing I have ever experienced anywhere else, but that’s the beauty of the wonderful variation in this country.

The bluefin tuna arrived in Fiordland and have been boiling up around us in Dusky Sound over the past couple of weeks. So on our last trip we had a couple of lucky and of course incredibly skilled fisherman who won the fight for some beautifully fresh sashimi.

Bluefin Tuna Treat

Tuna caught in Dusky Sound, Fiordland, New Zealand

Tonga Adventure 

The Kingdom of Tonga is one of the most unspoiled and beautiful Pacific Island nations in West Polynesia. Over 170 islands are spread across 740,000 square kilometres.. boasting volcanic landscapes, tropical rainforest as well as pristine coral atolls and beaches.. not to mention the wildlife.

And we might be enjoying some time exploring those waters and beaches in winter 2018. So if you are interested in joining us simply send through an email and we might be on our way to different adventure.

February 2016

experience and explore pure wilderness..

We look forward to having you onboard with us.


Congratulations Bryce Pratt!

We drew our competition for a $1,000 voucher at the Auckland Boat Show with the help of LegaSEA. Thank you for everybody who has partaken and congratulations to Bryce Pratt, who was busy enjoying a hunting trip as we gave him the 'YOU-ARE-THE-LUCKY-WINNER-CALL' .

Dates to be confir‍‍‍med

Enjoy a unique culinary adventure

Explore Dusky Sound with legendary Fleur Sullivan, students and teachers from Otago Polytechnic Central Campus and us as spring arrives in Fiordland. Gather a variety of fresh seafood, learn how to treat it respectfully, process it wholly, cook it deliciously and indulge in it fully.

Under the guidance of the Legendary Fleur Sullivan, the students will create a range of inspired dishes for only 5 paying guests on board.

Of course there is plenty of time to .. Kayak, SCUBA dive, fish, paddle board, free dive, go on shore excursions, enjoy the wildlife, get lost behind your camera or relax in our hot tub on the top deck.

It will all start and finish in Te Anau with stunning helicopter flights in and out of Fiordland National Park.

4 days - all but alcohol included - two helicopter flights - just book YOUR spot

to be confirmed‍‍‍


Seafood Adventure - December 2018

‍‍‍no schedule.. we follow the rhythm of sun and tides

DOC and key partners are launching an art exhibition to raise awareness of the Tamatea/Dusky Sound restoration programme in Fiordland.

Art and conservation join forces

5th - 10th of June 2018

Explore Fiordland YOUR way.

Free diving and spearfishing is the focus with Sam Wild onboard as our videographer and general great guy to be around and learn from..‍‍‍ there'll also be time to fish, discover historic sites, paddle board, walk, birdwatch, relax in the hot tub or get lost behind your camera.. it's up to YOU.

Explore the remote fiords of Breaksea and Dusky Sound on board our 27m expedition vessle Flightless with only a total of 12 clients.

6 days - all but alcohol included - 12 friends yet to meet - just book YOUR spot


$3,500 pp

Free Diving and Spearfishi‍‍‍ng Adventure - June 2018

no sc‍‍‍hedule

Come and see us at the Hutchwilco Boat Show Auckland - 18th to 22nd of May 2017

Stunning water clarity as winter approaches

While the waters are getting a little cooler it clears up and 20+ meter visibility dives are simply stunning. Thanks to Sam Wild, underwater videographer who joined us over the past weeks, our non diving clients could get a glimpse of the beauty beneath the surface.

He also 'buzzed' off this electric ray which is not something we come across every day.

The Red Stag Timber Hunters Club

We had a fantastic time in Auckland and thanks to everyone who took the time to stop by.. be it for a chat, a chocolate fish or just a break from the madness. We met some beautiful people and look forward to having some of you onboard.

We also drew the winner of our competition for a $2,000 voucher towards any booking with us..

Congratulations to Emma King !

This walkthrough video was taken onboard M.V. Flightless with the Red Stag Timber Hunters Club who were busy enjoying Breaksea and Dusky Sound to film an episode for their new season for SKY Sports... starting in July 2017.. every Monday.. The Fiordland episode will be playing on Monday the 21st of August 2017!

So have a look at this little clip to get an idea of the feel, external ‍‍‍layout and space onboard to see if it's for you. Just keep in mind that we don't normally only have boys onboard. We'll be working on recreating the walkthrough with one of our mixed groups, families and of course the girls!

‍‍‍Share Fiordland with the most important people in your life.. family..

Enjoy a family adventure in Dusky Sound! Fly in and out by helicopter, dive, fish, walk, freedive, kayak, observe the wildlife, paddle board or simply relax in the hot tub whilst being away from any phone or internet reception.. Create memories of a lifetime.

Explore the remote fiords of Breaksea and Dusky Sound on board our 27m expedition vessel Flightless with another family of five. Use of all gear on board, catering (apart from alcohol), bedding as well as two helicopter flights.

Vessel is spacious - fully insulated and comfortable - watermaker, washing machine and dryer on board - three passionate and qualified crew to look after you.

The pricing will depend on your family seize so simply get in touch to make it happen.

So you just have to get yourselves to Te Anau and we'll take care of everything from here.Get in touch with any questions or to book in.

5 days - all but alcohol included - friends yet to meet - two helicopter transfers - just book YOUR spot

Prices quoted

per family.. so get in touch

Fiordland Family Adventure

no schedule.. we follow the rhythm of sun, kids and tides

A beautiful Collaboration

Cuisine Magazine, Food legend Fleur Sullivan, ‍‍‍Otago Polytechnic and Pure Salt NZ

... 10 spots left as of 13/02/18..

"To experience things you haven't experienced before you'll have to do things you haven't done before." And is certainly a new thing for Fiordland.

Our GIRLS ONLY adventure has become an annual event for likeminded girls, woman, chicks, mothers, sisters, grandmothers, daughters, wives, girlfriends ..So‍‍‍ come and explore the remote southern fiords of Breaksea and Dusky Sound with us and a bunch of great woman.. soon to be friends. We had our debut in 2017 and are still smiling from the delightful bunch of 2018.. Simply toooo much fun not to do it again.

So come and play

14th - 18th of February 2019


$ 3,000pp

Five days Dusky Sound - 12 great girls, chicks and ladies - Two helicopter flights - All but alcohol included  Variety of cabins and plenty of space - Hot tub on the top deck

ex Te Anau - so fly to Queenstown and jump on a bus or rent a car to get to Te Anau.. we'll take care of everything from there...

‍‍‍GIRLS only Adventure - February 2019

11th - 18th of March 2018

Explore the underwater world of Fiordland

Head into Doubtful Sound to meet M.V. Flightless and make your way to the southern most remote fiords of Breaksea and Dusky Sound discovering the many dive sites along the way. There is still plenty of time to.. Cruise, hunt, fish, kayak, paddle board, free dive, walk or simply relax in the hot tub on the top deck before flying back to civilisation from the head of Dusky Sound.

8 days - all but alcohol included - 12 friends yet to mee‍‍‍t - one boat and one helicopter transfer - ‍‍‍just book YOUR spot


$ 3,800 pp

Fiordland DIVE Adve‍‍‍nture - March 2018

no schedule.. we follow the rhythm of sun and tides

.. ‍‍‍one spot left as of 14/02/18 ..

30th of Oc‍‍‍tober - 4th of November 2018

Join us on our Fiordland Photography Adventure as we explore the remote fiords of Breaksea and Dusky Sound on board our 27m expedition vessel Flightless.‍‍‍

We’ve teamed up with award winning, professional landscape photographer Talman Madsen to learn more about how to capture the beauty of Fiordland and our adventures within it.

Although photography is the focus there'll be plenty of time to kayak, hunt, freedive, fish, discover historic sites, paddleboard, walk, birdwatch, relax in the hottub as well as to get lost behind your camera.. it's up to YOU.

Along the way Talman will divulge all he knows about photography with a series of ‘mini workshops’. Topics will include things like; composition and lighting, setting up your camera, post processing in Lightroom, finding, scouting, and planning potential locations, essential landscape photography elements, and more!

Of course he’ll also be on hand to answer all your photography questions and guide you through the many beautiful locations we photograph.Tuition is aimed at intermediate level photographers, who are using an interchangeable lens cameras BUT of course anyone is welcome regardless of ability!

It will all start and finish in Te Anau with stunning helicopter flights in and out of Fiordland National Park.

6 days - all but alcohol included - tw‍‍‍o helicopter flights - just book YOUR spot



Spring Ph‍‍‍otography Adventure - October 2018

no schedule.. we follow t‍‍‍he rhythm of sun and tides

15th - 20th of January 2019

Discover the history of Fiordland..

...250 years after Captain Cook first set eyes on New Zealand...

Join us on our History Adventure as we explore the remote fiords of Preservation and Chalky Inlet on board our 27m expedition vessel Flightless.

Although history is the focus there'll be plenty of time to kayak, hunt, free dive, fish, discover historic sites, paddle board, walk, birdwatch, relax in the hot tub as well as to get lost behind your camera.. it's up to YOU.

Thinking about Fiordland National Park now can make it hard to imagine that it was in fact where European history started for New Zealand some 248 years ago now. Captain Cook sailed into Dusky Sound in 1773... his records of the seal numbers as well as charts which meant safe passage brought sealers and whalers to the area. The very first whaling station in New Zealand was built in Preservation Inlet. Soon the mining followed and townships popped up in the southern Fiords driven by the ‍‍‍gold fever. Although the native bush has reclaimed most there are still remains to be discovered if you know where to look.

6 days - all but alcohol include‍‍‍d - two helicopter flights - just book YOUR spot



History Adventure - January‍‍‍ 2019‍‍‍

no schedul‍‍‍e.. we follow the rhythm of sun and tides