covid - 19 update

We're operational under current Alert Levels

When arriving at the helicopter hangar please remain outside until given instructions by the ground crew to allow them not to mix client groups and follow their procedures and instructions from there.

You will aslo be temperature checked prior to boarding the helicopter.


Given that we’re operating on a 27m vessel we aim to follow best practises by:

  - Ensuring that crew who are feeling unwell stay at home and seek medical advice

- Changing how we greet and interact with each other(ie no handshakes, hugs or hongi)

- Practising physical distancing wherever possible (given we could take 20 passengers the limit to 12 naturally creates extra room to do so) Individuals within client groups are responsible for up keeping the physical distancing within their group.

- Physically distancing crew from clients by restricting client access to the galley (food preparation area), crew quarters, engine rooms, anchor locker, magazine room and dive locker

- Intensifying an already comprehensive deep clean of the vessel between charters

- Increasing daily disinfection of high-touch point

- Increased use of ventilation system

- Proposing the use of one of the cabins as isolation facility while waiting for transfer to a testing facility should anyone develop symptoms whilst onboard

We hope life is good although a little different at present.


Pure Salt is operational under current alter levels with a few changes as part of government measures to help stop the spread of COVID-19.


Things are certainly changing fast and we are closely monitoring the ever-evolving COVID-19 situation and continue to be guided by the New Zealand Ministry of Healths advice.  

With that our priority is the safety and wellbeing of YOU our clients, our crew and our community.

We fully understand the uncertainty in the air as nobody seems to have a textbook for our current situation. Like everyone else we’re trying to make things work as they unfold. So along with our new normals comes some changes...

So we're happy to be fully operational at this stage.


With that we look forward to having you onboard with us to explore Fiordland when we can.


A few new considerations

When you get here

Prior to departure - When operating within the ALERT LEVEL SYSTEM

For your assurance as well as ours every client stepping onboard needs to declare that they are not symptomatic as well as have not been 'in close contact' with someone who has been confirmed as having COVID19 or who is self isolating due to COVID19 as defined below.

• direct contact with a known confirmed case of Covid-19

• living in the same household or household-like setting (e.g. shared section of a flat)

• having spent a prolonged period (e.g. two hours or longer) in the same close indoor environment (such as a classroom, workplace, gatherings, general practice or ED waiting room)

• having been seated in the same row or 2 rows in front or behind a known case of Covid-19 in any group

• having been face-to-face (within one meter of the case) for more than 15 minutes in any setting.


Any client falling under any of the above should be self isolating at home and will not be allowed to board the helicopter or M.V. Flightless.

Asides from that we advise any clients over 70 years of age to get a medical clearance from their GP prior to travel.

Before beginning your adventure we'll require you to please sign off on your understanding of the above as part of the client information from that will be sent to you. This will also allow for very clear contact tracing. Thank you for helping us slow the spread and look after each other!


Payment and Booking Considerations

Charters directly affected by Alert level 4 & 3 are worked with closely to come up with the best solutions on a case by case basis. Bookings that fall outside of current alert level notifications are subject to our normal Terms and Conditions. However, we acknowledge this is not ‘normal’ times and we encourage Charter organisers that foresee any issues to contact us as early as possible so that we have the time to work through a solution together.

With that feel free to give us a call with any questions at all as human to human we'll be able to navigate through any situation.

Having said that we look forward to exploring Fiordland with you soon.. remote wilderness is simply good for the soul and something we can all do with regardless of what the rest of the world is up to..